Caller ID Spoofing

In the past decades, only law enforcement agencies can fake their caller IDs when calling other people because of the telecommunication structure carried out by the authorities. If you want to call someone without the other party knowing your phone number, it was impossible in the past years. However, with the introduction of the VOIP technology in 2003, the situation has changed. VOIP phones became really popular. In fact, there’s a significant increase in the number of users every month. This is because VOIP applies an entirely different technology as compared with ordinary cell phone or landline. Its development now allows people to spoof their caller IDs.

There’s a cheap and uncomplicated solution for those who just want to hide their phone numbers. The caller ID spoofing calling card works just like your ordinary calling card. You first dial the number of the person you’re calling. The cost, however, is slightly higher than calling without caller ID spoofing but it’s guaranteed that you can keep your anonymity through using the ID spoofing calling card. At present, there are several companies offering calling cards for this specific purpose but before purchasing your card, always compare their prices. Most cards provide the same services and features, so it’s wise to select the cheapest.

Of course, everything has its own set of downsides. Remember that spoofing your caller ID can’t make it 100% and if you violate any law, tracing and tracking your real identity won’t be that difficult. Be responsible in using the caller ID spoofing feature and you’ll be just fine.

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