Cell Phone GPS Tracking

To track cell phone GPS location you will need to have some sort of access to the user’s mobile phone or mobile account. You can install tracking software on the cell phone you want to track which will allow you to remotely view the cell phone location in real-time. Some phones and mobile services also provide cell phone GPS tracking.

AT&T has a family tracking program which allows you to track the location of any phone associated with that account. For example, if you have a family plan with three phones through AT&T, you could setup family tracking on each of the phones which would allow you to view the phones location through the web. I have tried this service and it isn’t as reliable as other services, you have to keep refreshing on the AT&T site to get the location and it isn’t always very accurate, it gives you an approximation anywhere within 20-120 yards, sometimes more. But I do have to credit this services as it helped me located my girlfriend’s stolen iPhone. We texted the phone that we knew the location and to meet us at nearby street corner or the cops would come. I realize now that perhaps this wasn’t the smartest idea, but we did get the phone back and it looked like someone tried to take it apart.

Cell phone tracking has generated a bevy of pros and cons especially among its users. Others claim that it is very helpful in monitoring their children’s whereabouts while some protest the privacy invasion of the said application. The indispensability of the cell phone tracking service, however, can never be denied especially during emergency situations. That’s why locator websites such as LocateUrCell.com continue to exist despite some concerns about privacy and safety.

The primary objective of cell phone tracking is to help find people when they get lost or when they are vulnerable to certain conditions. Since almost everybody owns a cell phone, the companies thought of a way to maximize its use in the positive way. A mobile phone is no longer for making calls or sending text messages and multimedia, it can now be used as a device to monitor a person’s whereabouts.

The tracking companies negotiated with networks and phone carriers to gain access on the information needed to track mobile phones. GPS technology is applied to track devices within a few feet or meters but some companies employ the triangulation technology which is considerably precise to a certain degree. Users can sign-up online and track their phones on the site.

In the years that cell phone tracking has existed, it has already proven its worth not only in finding people but also in searching for other lost things. The future of locator and tracking services looks bright because of several other improvements in the cell phone tracking technology.

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