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Free Cell Phone Tracker, Does It Exist?

cellphonetrackingYou can track someone’s phone using a few different methods. However some of these methods can be costly, I will be going over a few of them.

A Cell Phone Tracker is an actually physical phone that is hacked and setup to be tracked back to tracking software. There are a few companies that program and setup the phones for you but this first method is by far the most expensive solution for quick solutions, though may be the most cost-effective method for long term tracking. The biggest downfall with this cell phone tracking method is that users are limited by phone models, mobile technology, features, updates, apps, and limitations with the tracking software and difficult updates for novice users.

The other method is to install the tracking software yourself. There are many different tracking software options. Some of the mobile tracker software options available can include:

GPS Location Tracking – Track the location of a mobile phone user using GPS tracking. There are a few software options that allow GPS tracking in real-time.

SMS Spy – Read incoming and outgoing SMS text or multimedia messages. Some software only allows you to view and read only incoming messages or outgoing messages based on your phone and software.

Photo Creep – Mobile software that tracks and sends back any photos taken using the phones built-in camera and even any photos that are sent or received. Photo spying is hard to get. Right now there are only two developers that have this feature available.

Contact List Spy – This is a harder to find and not always reliable because it isn’t easier to download and send back entire contact lists. Some apps perform searches using a cell reverse search system to find the user’s name and address. The only problem with this is that reliable cell reverse search sites require monthly fees for access.

Tracking Software – The useability of the tracking software is key, sure there are a lot of cell phone trackers you can install on a number of mobile phones, and they will provide GPS location, but when you are tracking a mobile phone you want the best software and maps. Some tracking software have crude and old looking maps like you find on a GPS. I recommend using software that uses Google Maps and allows not only online access but also can allow you to track a cell phone using your own phone, whether through another tracking app or SMS message alerts.

If you are looking for a simple cell phone tracker, then you can use something like Accutracking. But if you want something more advanced, then I recommend using something like PhoneBeagle, or FlexiTracking. You can find reviews for each of these apps on Google or JennyReviews.

Unwarranted Cell Phone GPS Tracking and Phone Spy software is illegal without consent. Some people just use these services to track their travel for work or keep track of their kids. The are only a few cell phone GPS tracking systems and a few services that provide parents GPS tracking for kids.