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Reverse Lookup Finds Local Creep

One resident of a college apartment building put the kibosh on a local creep who was calling up college girls and saying disgusting things on the phone. “I don’t even want to repeat what he said to me, it was so, so gross,” said Lindsey, who lives in the apartment building. She said she and some of the other girls in the building noticed a guy sitting out in front of the building a lot. But Lindsey said she just thought he was a new neighbor or something.

Soon after she saw him, she started getting phone calls. Heavy breathing and sexual calls. She said she was horrified. She said one of her neighbors mentioned she had gotten calls too.

“We had no idea what was going on, or how whoever was calling had gotten our number,” said Lindsey.

She and her neighbor started looking at the buzzer, and sure enough, when someone was buzzed, it showed the phone number it was dialing. And since it dialed directly to the residents’ cell phones, whoever was calling could call them whenever he wanted.

Another neighbor, Ted, overheard the girls talking about the phone calls. He said he had an idea immediately.

“I said we should use a reverse cell phone finder to find the weirdo,” said Ted.

He went online and punched in the number, and sure enough it was registered to a halfway house down the block. Ted and the girls called the halfway house and explained the situation, they never saw the guy again and the girls said the phone calls stopped.

The reverse phone number lookup they used was once only available to law enforcement officers and private investigators. But the kids used it to solve their problems quick without having to involve the police.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

A reverse cell phone lookup lets you search a cell phone number to lookup the caller’s name and address. A reverse cell phone lookup can provide the name and address associated with the mobile account for that phone number. This type of search DOES NOT provide real-time GPS location tracking or phone call history, however some reverse lookups will let you cross-search various other types of records and account history details.

Information you can lookup:

  • First and last name
  • Find billing address
  • Account history
  • Cross search public records
  • Background checks

You CANNOT access:

  • Caller’s GPS Location
  • Phone call history

Recommended Sites:

Reverse Lookup Cell Phone Number Services

How can a person find the owner of a cellular phone or landline when the information is unlisted? There could be any number of reasons one would need to know the address or name of the number that called your home or phone, but the number is not listed in the phone book or white pages. In this case, the best option is to find a reverse lookup cell phone number service. These services have direct access to the many databases listing cell phone numbers as well as those of landlines. The services can access most numbers owned by US citizens. It offers personal information, including name and address that are associated with the numbers. Numbers included other than cells are unlisted numbers and land lines.

Most of the reverse cell number lookup services working the US have signed a legal agreement with the phone providers that cause them to be restricted in distribution of the numbers at no charge. This helps to protect customer’s privacy. For most of the companies users will need a credit or debit card or a paypal account to register. Registration helps to prevent using this information illegally. In addition, reverse directory companies need to pay to access the database to begin with. The fees allow the companies to pay for the information and still make a profit on their services.

Can you find the owner of a phone number without paying for reverse phone directory services?
There are some methods that sometimes work. It might be possible to find the listing through free whitepages, using search engines, social networks and other data bases. Often these sources are inaccurate and may not contain all the needed numbers. Searching in this method is often very time consuming.

Types of information found by using the professional services: Most of these services will provide at least an accurate address and name for each number entered. In addition, the searcher could find other household members and alternate phone numbers.

How does one use this type of service? Since not all information is listed in these services, many allow for a preliminary search that lets the searcher know if they have reliable information that is needed for the number in question. If they find such information, you will be asked for a subscription fee (that is charged only one time) in order to grant you permission to access the data. As mentioned earlier, this is to prevent those who might want the information for illegal purposes. Once the fee has been paid, it is possible to instantly look up the reverse number and most companies give use of the service for about 12 months.

Can reverse lookup services be used legally? Use of this type of service to look up the owner of a number is legal. The information gained cannot be used to make telemarketing calls, for stalking or for any illegal activities. In most instances the services are used to locate family or friends that may have been lost through the years. They are also helpful when filing a complaint about companies that make annoying calls. They can be used for spying on a spouse that is thought to be cheating as well.

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